Alexey Alexandrovich Sobolev is an athlete of international level. He was repeatedly recognized as the champion of Russia. He took part in the Olympic Games, and also opened a snowboard…

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Usually he is laconic. Prefers to listen carefully to the interlocutor. A few specific questions during the conversation and a short monologue - this is the usual style of conversation…

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In 2018, the American athlete Travis Rice celebrated his 36th birthday. Dry statistics, dry numbers. There are many talented people in the world who have shown themselves to be profitable…

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Miracle is a boy.

It so happens that the star of a sport or show business automatically becomes a legend in life, which is then remembered and told to the descendants with admiration.
The name of the cyclist Dave Mirra will forever remain in the history of sports. Hard work, talent and luck – these are the components of success for a guy born in the small town of Chittenango in New York State on April 4, 1974.
As soon as the baby was four years old, his mother left the family, and Dave and his older brother Tim remained with their father.
Simple cycling along the alleys of his hometown soon turned into a passion. Since there were many enthusiastic about bicycles in the early 80s, Dave quickly found like-minded people. They spent time together, but did not lose it in vain – they improved their bikes, which undoubtedly contributed to the growth of skill.
Success was not long in coming. The first professional games in which the young biker participated, took place in a city called Syracuse in his home state of New York. A 13-year-old boy showed such a skill of owning a bicycle that he was surprised and admired even by experienced bikers, making him doubt his age.
A new stage in the life of a young man, Dave Mirra, was moving to Greenville, a small town in South Carolina, where his older brother Tim had previously gone to college.
Soon, Ryan Nyukvist settled in the town, who was engaged in a professionally famous bike among cycling lovers. Despite the difference in age (Ryan is five years younger), acquaintance and friendship with the master of his craft had a very beneficial effect on Dave.

The best of the best.

The stunning success came to the athlete in 1995, during the first ever World Extreme Games. Returning to Greenville (which had by then become a kind of Mecca for bikers) with a medal, twenty-year-old Mirra felt that he was ready to conquer new peaks.
For fourteen years, up to two thousand and nine, inclusive, Mirra was a participant in each Olympiad and always returned with a medal or several awards of various denominations. One of the most successful and titled riders in history, Dave Mirra had a record number of awards, the total number of which reached twenty-four, fourteen of which were gold.

Not just a bike.

Dave Mirra stopped cycling according to the BMX, but, passionately in love with sports, he took part in competitions in various sports, and he was lucky and became a winner in some of them. Rally, triathlon and ironman (a more sophisticated version of the modern triathlon, which includes swimming, cycling on the highway, running a marathon), boxing, helping sick children and doing your own business (a bicycle company) is an incomplete list of what I did world famous athlete.

Just the facts.

Dave Mirra has been participating in the World Extreme Games since 1995. In the two thousand and eighth year, Mirra, in addition to BMX, participated in rally races, becoming a bronze medalist, and entered the boxing ring. By the number of medals he was not equal until two thousand and thirteen, but at the competitions held in the same year in Munich, he was surpassed by skateboarder Bob Burnquist.
In the two thousand and fifth year, Dave was selected according to the ‘ESPY Award’ as the Best Athlete of the Year.

Never give up.

Nothing seemed to portend trouble. A famous racer, a successful businessman, a philanthropist, a happy husband and father of two daughters, Dave was the epitome of success and prosperity.
The sad news spread throughout the world when on February 4, 2016, it became known that the dead body of Dave Mirr was found in a van belonging to him. The van was not far from the place where his friends live, whom he is believed to have visited before his death. After examining the scene of the incident by law enforcement, the main version was put forward that the death was due to a gunshot wound.
What was the reason for this act remained unknown, but the last trick, like many previous ones, to Dave Mirra, was a success.
It is amazing, but shortly before his death, the great biker posted a photo on his page on one of the social networks on the Internet, on which he was captured in the equipment of a boxer in the ring. The words under the picture completely contradict what happened then: “Fight for victory! Each of us has its own battles. Never give up. I love you all. ”

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