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Until 2005, an athlete regularly took part in serious international motocross tournaments, whose name began to put pressure on opponents with before the start signal for the start of the competition.…

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Alexey Alexandrovich Sobolev is an athlete of international level. He was repeatedly recognized as the champion of Russia. He took part in the Olympic Games, and also opened a snowboard school (online training).


Alex was born on the Kamchatka Peninsula in 1991. Alas, this place cannot be called his home, because a boy grew up in Novosibirsk.

As a child, Alex went in for skiing and was very interested in him. But once, in the city where the future star lived, the next snowboard championship began. Probably at that time Alexei was very worried because he had not missed a single minute of spectacular sight. It is known that then he was rooting for Dmitry Repnikov, who has been standing on the snowboard since he was seven years old.

It was in those moments that the boy realized what he wanted to do in life. He threw the skis and decided to persuade his parents to buy him the first board, but it turned out to be difficult, because this lesson is dangerous and requires some flexibility. Nevertheless, a loving father fulfilled the desire of his son, and Alexei from the first days began to show amazing results.

A family

At the moment, the parents of the star live in Novosibirsk, the man also has a younger sister, who is an avid fan of his brother. It is known that the girl is fond of drawing, singing and other types of creativity.

Personal life

On the personal front, the athlete is still empty. Along the network, the criteria for the attractiveness of a girl invented by Alexei diverge. According to him, the ideal is long dark hair, a chest of the second size and a weight of about fifty kilograms. However, he also claims that this is just a joke, because in order to fall in love, you need a spiritual connection.

You cannot call a snowboarder serious, gloomy, unsociable and not keen on girls. This is proved by the case at the Olympic Games, when the athlete wrote his phone number on the helmet and asked the girls to take off their photos. According to the star, he likes to chat with a lot of people and see on his phone a bunch of pictures of unfamiliar ladies.

Why snowboard?

According to Sobolev himself, this sport gives an extraordinary adrenaline rush. That is why he chose one of the most dangerous types of disciplines.

But Alexey has and had other hobbies. This is not to say that he is obsessed with snowboarding. The star used to love videos, now, sometimes, she devotes time to boxing, and in general to the martial arts.

Career and Achievements

Aleksey’s career began at the age of fifteen. Then he was not accepted to the competition because of his age; he lacked only a year. But the athlete did not give up and decided to leave on behalf of another participant at the last moment of the departed. He took third place, but did not receive a well-deserved prize. But he gained a new and important experience.

It was difficult further, because a young athlete to break through the professionals is how to go through years and fire. But he did not give up and his career became more and more promising. Especially everyone believed this after the success of the snowboarder in the stages of the World Cup.

In addition to the first prize places throughout Russia, Alexey conquered foreign expanses, for example: Brand; Bardecone; Bukovel; Avoriaz and so on.

He also opened his own online school, where students can read about how to stand on the board and ride properly.

Future plans

Alexey Sobolev does not set specific sporting goals; according to him, the whole point is in inspiration.

However, in the future, the athlete plans to start his own business. Now he has no time at all. Most of all, the star is attracted to investing and working with real estate.

Alexey also wants to actively help develop snowboarding in Russia.

“Like a drift when you start the car sideways”
“You can understand, because you spend more time in the air.” By the way, are you not familiar with extreme parachutist Valery Rozov?
– Unfortunately not. Although, of course, I know who it is, a very cool Russian base jumper from the international team of Red Bull.

– Would you jump with him on a snowboard from Everest?

– I’m not particularly torn to the sky. Drift is more like when you start the car sideways, and from under the wheels puffs of smoke.

– Then your favorite movie, probably, “Tokyo Drift”?
– No, but a couple of times the guys they knew were riding. Feeling unforgettable, wild adrenaline.

– Soon and let the car skid yourself?
– You never know? Especially since I really will soon be driving.

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