Optimistic people

An Egyptian diver who set the world record for immersion in water, was born in 1974. Little is known about the athlete’s childhood and youth. Parents of the future conqueror…

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Australian Rodeo
Rodeo is one of the few applied sports. In it, real men demonstrate the skills that a cowboy needs in everyday work. The only exception is riding a bull. While…

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For Lizzy Hawker, athletes from Britain, long races can be called the meaning of her life. In this sport, she is considered one of the best in the history of…

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Alexander Aleksandrovich Ilyin is one of the most extreme snowboarders, occupying 25th place in the world freeride rating. Standing on the board at the age of 26, he continues his dangerous career for 12 years. As an extreme sportsman claims, before starting skiing in the mountains he had a good office job. With the advent of a new hobby, Alexander began to devote more time to snowboarding.

Over time, she decides to leave the office with the words “why work when you can ride.” This decision turns his life upside down. In 2011, for the first time takes part in a freeride competition in Russia. He won prizes and came out the winner at the stages of the Russian Cup. And since 2012, he has been the winner and winner of the stages of the qualifying world tour of the FWQ League (Freeride World Qualifier), moreover, he is part of the Russian team Jeremy Jones Snowboards. Winnings do not stop the snowboarder in his path, pushing for new commitments. Continue reading


William C. Stone, better known as Bill Stone, is an engineer by profession, but by vocation a scientist is a caver. He gained his fame thanks to numerous studies and dives into deep caves, using autonomous underwater means. It would seem that everything is already open and known, but Bill defies these beliefs and each time proves the opposite to us.

The formation of Bill Stone on the path of the caver.

William Stone was born on December 7, 1952 in Pennsylvania, where he spent his entire childhood. His activity and interest in exploring caves amazed and inspired many to exploit. For the first time he felt like a caver at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which he graduated in 1974 with a bachelor’s degree. In 1976, he entered the University of Texas, where he was fortunate enough to meet people with such a passion for discovery. From this moment you can begin to talk about the records of Bill Stone. Continue reading


Grigory Korneev has long been known in the world as an excellent freestyler and freerider. He has many victories behind him. Gregory is an excellent instructor who trained a large number of professional athletes. Friends speak of him as a great friend, alpine skiing colleagues as a professional in his field, the family considers him a real family man. All this characterizes Gregory as a good person and professional.


He is from Yekaterinburg. Born September 17, 1984. He studied at a regular secondary school. His parents were fond of mountain sports, and involved their son in this sport. Already at the age of 6, Gregory began to ski. Together with his friend, they rode a small hill in Yekaterinburg. This was his every weekend, until at one moment Gregory became interested in freestyle, thanks to his friend Stas. The athlete realized that the mountains in the Urals had already exhausted themselves, and then he began to be interested in the mountains of the Caucasus and Siberia. But before fully devoting himself to sport, he graduated from the Ural State Pedagogical University in the field of physical geography. Parents fully supported their son in all endeavors and are his loyal fans, and often go with him to the mountains to ski. Continue reading


The path to success from the very beginning was full of difficulties and setbacks, rather it resembled an “obstacle course”, but this did not stop Denis, who continued on his way to the dream, despite all the obstacles.

The beginning of the way.

Denis Leontyev was born in St. Petersburg near the metro station Prospekt Prosvescheniya, at that moment it was the outskirts of the city, he was raised by his mother, who tried to give her son the best. Since childhood, friends called the guy Bonus, a nickname attached to him after winning the machines. Continue reading


Dean Potter is an incredible person. A solo climber, a climber, a climber, a base jumper, a highliner, as well as a baseball player. This person is known to everyone who is keen on extreme sports.


Born in the USA. He began to climb as a child. Slackline tried at a fairly young age (in 2003). He devoted the whole of 2003 to base jumping. His father served in the army and therefore Dean and his friend climbed into the closed territory for the military. He did not start applying insurance right away; at first he was without it. It was made from improvised materials. Not far from their house was a rock, on which he constantly went. The boy carefully concealed his hobbies from his parents. Dean’s situation with the university was not so good, and after 3 semesters he left him and devoted his life to climbing.

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Luke Aykins went down in history as the first person to jump from a height of 7,600 meters without insurance. The parachutist-record holder devoted 30 years of his life to…


Keala Kennelly was born on August 13, 1978 on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The future legend of female surfing professionally engaged in this sport at the age of 17…


Usually he is laconic. Prefers to listen carefully to the interlocutor. A few specific questions during the conversation and a short monologue - this is the usual style of conversation…


Extreme sports enthusiasts around the world are trying to imitate their heroes. One of them, for several years, is an amazing professional, desperate and creative athlete, constantly in search of…