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Few athletes can boast of success in various sports. But Sean Palmer is one of those. Known by the nicknames "Napalm" and "Palm Daddy", he is considered one of the…

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Keala Kennelly was born on August 13, 1978 on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The future legend of female surfing professionally engaged in this sport at the age of 17…

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People who have risen to riches, but do not consider themselves as such, always admire. David Goggins is one such prince. Runner, founder of a charity event, motivational speaker and…

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Among the people who dreamed of learning to fly, it is worth mentioning the American Jeb Corliss. From his own words, he dreamed of flying as a child, at the age of six, when he watched the birds take off from the wires. It was then that he firmly declared to his aunt that he would definitely learn to fly.
Jeb’s family lived in the United States in New Mexico. The future skydiver changed schools one after another. Because of this, he was constantly a stranger among the rest of the children, this taught him to fight fear. His childhood was full of travels to India and Afghanistan due to the fact that his parents were antique dealers. Jeb’s favorites were scorpions, tarantulas, and even rattlesnakes. He often dragged them to his home. Continue reading


BASE jump is insanely interesting and exciting, but also extremely dangerous. Each of the basic jumpers risks taking another jump. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan, which leads to terrible consequences. This is exactly what happened to the famous young 31-year-old Alexander Polly, whose jump in the French Alps near Chamonix was the last fatal for him on August 22, 2016. How did he embark on this path and how did it all begin?

Alexander Polly, future pioneer of skydivers and skydivers, was born in Norway on June 26, 1985. Unfortunately, practically nothing is known about his childhood and youth, as well as about when he immediately began to practice ski jumping. But, of course, he became the most enthusiastic base jumper and wingsuit. He had dual citizenship – he was a citizen of both Norway and Italy. Continue reading


Anyone who is at least a little engaged or interested in mountaineering, probably knows such a famous person as Reinhold Messner. This person is a true legend, some achievements, which so far no one could and did not dare to repeat.

short biography

Born in northern Italy, in a town called Brixen. This city is located in the Alps, which is why Reinhold has such a love of the mountains. Also, proximity to them taught him to climb perfectly on them, and also helped to better know them and study behavior.

This man in his entire life conquered many mountain peaks, and he made his first ascent in 1970 as a student. Also at this age, namely 26 years old, he ended up in the Himalayas with his younger brother Gunther. Their goal was to climb Nangaparbat. He made his last ascent in 1986, after which he took up other dangerous trips. Continue reading


Courage and courage, qualities forgotten by our contemporaries. But a strong person has strong leverage to achieve his goal. At the same time, life adorned with dangers is more interesting and eventful for him. This is how one of the most extreme contemporaries of Travis Pastrana appears before us. A bright and fearless tamer of motorcycles, an example of boyish imitation, a multiple winner of various competitions, father and participant in the show “Jet Clowns”.

Motorcyclist since childhood

Travis was born into a Puerto Rican family in 1983 on October 8. And after 24 years, he already represents the island in competitions. By this time, Pastrana is already a famous conqueror of bikes. After all, for the first time having appeared in the saddle of a motorcycle horse as early as 4 years old, he decides to forever connect his life with these sports cars. Continue reading


Jeremy Jones is a legend in the world of skateboarding, a man who managed to say a new word in skating on a snowy slope. One of the main promoters of freeriding is the descent along unprepared routes that are outside the service area of ​​the ski industry. This requires tremendous skill from the athlete, and Jeremy certainly possesses such skill.

The future conqueror of huge peaks was born on January 14, 1975 on the island of Cape Cod, which is part of the US state of Massachusetts. Soon, the Jones family moved to Vermont, most of which is occupied by mountains (the name of the state comes from the French words “green” and “mountain”), which Jeremy himself was very happy about, constantly thinking that he now lives in the coolest place on our planet. However, acquaintance with snowboarding occurred a little later: after the next move, this time to the state of Maine, the boy finds himself in a ski resort. Continue reading

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Courage and courage, qualities forgotten by our contemporaries. But a strong person has strong leverage to achieve his goal. At the same time, life adorned with dangers is more interesting…