Optimistic people

Risky fun for the sake of
Between us, to jump from a bridge 100 meters high, it’s not necessary to have great abilities. There is enough desire to experience mortal fear. You will also need a…

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Uli Shtek, the future legend of conquering the peaks, the Swiss Machine and the owner of two Golden Ice Axes, was born on October 4, 1977 in Switzerland in Langnau…

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Courage and courage, qualities forgotten by our contemporaries. But a strong person has strong leverage to achieve his goal. At the same time, life adorned with dangers is more interesting…

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Extreme sports enthusiasts around the world are trying to imitate their heroes. One of them, for several years, is an amazing professional, desperate and creative athlete, constantly in search of new records and endless adrenaline, – Myles Deysher.


Miles Dayisher is from America. He is a professional skydiver, as well as a specialist in base jumping. World fame came to Miles after he managed to come up with a new sport – sky-skiing, where the athlete parachutes in a kayak. Craving for new achievements and records overtook Deisher at the age of 25, when work began to gradually turn into a hobby. Continue reading


Not so long ago, many in our country perceived windsurfing as something distant, fabulously beautiful from another life, another world. Beautifully built, tanned young people against the background of blue waves and the ocean breeze turned this sport into something inaccessible, beyond the control of a simple person. And what was the surprise when the name of our compatriot – St. Petersburg guy Yegor Popretinsky was found in the top ten windsurfers of the planet.

First steps

Egor was born in Leningrad on October 8, 1986. The ordinary life of a simple St. Petersburg teenager made a sharp turn at the age of twelve. The craving for sports was founded from an early age, but instead of the traditional football, hockey or basketball for Leningrad at that time, little Egor made his choice in favor of extreme sports. The search for himself in sports affected both martial arts and skateboarding, but everything was changed by one simple trip to his grandmother. Continue reading


Flying a person in the air is the dream of many, but do you think this is impossible? But the Swiss Yves Rossi will not agree with you. As a pilot and inventor, he brought his dream to life. He invented a wingpack that allows a person to feel like a bird, and to this day continues to improve it.
Yves Rossi was born in Switzerland on August 27, 1959. From school years, the boy was drawn to the sky, drawn to fly. His favorite pastime was making difficult jumps from trees and high fences. By this, he secured several fractures for himself, which did not at all discourage his desire to fly into the air.

When he was 20 years old, Yves Rossi entered the service in the aviation forces, and later entered the flight school. Having become a fighter pilot, young Yves got into aerial reconnaissance and served in her squadron for several years. Four years later, Rossi began working as a flight school instructor, and ultimately became a pilot of the Boeing-747 airliner. Continue reading


There are not many true skyrunners in the world for 2019. This sport is not common for a huge audience of people. Its goal is to conquer mountain peaks and hills at a speed. That is, athletes in the literal sense of the word rise to a height in order to fix time in the future. Skyrunning involves precisely the speed of movement of a person on the ground. Kilian Jornet Burgada is a prominent representative of this sport.


It came at the beginning of 1999. It was then that Kilian first became acquainted with mountaineering. And the following year he became a participant in the race for the Spanish Cup La Molina. Even then, the young man showed himself from the very best side, eliminating a different opinion about the unpreparedness and lack of stamina. By the way, already in 2001 the first offers on professional sports followed. Continue reading


The beginning of the story of Danny begins in the town of Dunvegan, which is located on the Scottish island of Skye. Born December 23, 1985, a red-haired kid spent all his free time riding a bicycle since childhood, which later led him to work as a mechanic in an Edinburgh bike shop. According to Danny McAskill himself, after work, he rushed to study his strength, his bike and study the beauties of the capital’s street, while honing his unique style, mixing complicated tricks and a trial.

But it all paid off in 2009, when at the age of 23, Danny and his roommate Dave Sowerby, who was a cameraman, uploaded a five-minute video on youtube that actually showed the skill of controlling a bike to the band’s song “the funeral” Horses. ” Despite the fact that they worked on this video for almost six months, who would have thought that the next morning the guy would wake up as a star? The video went far beyond Scotland, gaining three hundred thousand views in just one night! And in the morning this video was on the main pages of YouTube and the BBC website. Professional riders left comments on this video clip, having noticed a serious competitor in Danny in the near future. Soon, articles about this skilled guy appeared in the New York Times and other major publications, after which the young street Continue reading

2011. Ocean coast of Portugal. A surrealistic picture worthy of the brush of the best masters of this genre - a huge wave 24 meters high rushes to land at…


BASE jump is insanely interesting and exciting, but also extremely dangerous. Each of the basic jumpers risks taking another jump. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan, which leads to…


BASE jump is insanely interesting and exciting, but also extremely dangerous. Each of the basic jumpers risks taking another jump. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan, which leads to…


Alexander Aleksandrovich Ilyin is one of the most extreme snowboarders, occupying 25th place in the world freeride rating. Standing on the board at the age of 26, he continues his…