Optimistic people

Miracle is a boy. It so happens that the star of a sport or show business automatically becomes a legend in life, which is then remembered and told to the…

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Australian Rodeo
Rodeo is one of the few applied sports. In it, real men demonstrate the skills that a cowboy needs in everyday work. The only exception is riding a bull. While…

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The career of this athlete did not immediately start with a snowboard: she was preceded by choreography and skiing. Parents have never been opposed to their daughter playing sports. No…

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“A clever man will not go uphill – a clever mountain will go around” – the proverb is not about climbers. These guys just climb the peaks in order to emphasize their enviable qualities. Climbers became the same romantic heroes as astronauts or pilots with submariners. The sporting essence of mountaineering is to overcome obstacles – altitude, terrain, weather – on the way to the top. Of course, in the mountains no one climbs the race, but there are daredevils who want to be higher and faster.

Mountain climbing
There are several varieties of mountaineering. The first is rock climbing. Climbing usually takes place where there is no snow and ice. The heights are small, there is no oxygen starvation. You can not take a lot of warm clothes with you and go in light rocky shoes. Continue reading

Diving and divers

It is safe to say that diving has become one of the most popular types of sports entertainment in recent years. And in terms of development dynamics it can only be compared with paintball. It would seem that a couple of years ago, units were swimming under water, and today we can already talk about the phenomenon of diving – with such a powerful wave it burst into our lives. More and more people are joining the romantic army of divers, and there is nothing surprising in this, because the world of diving is so rich and diverse! An important role in the popularity of diving tourism is played by the simplicity of traveling to the tropical seas, inaccessible to the older generation. Divers with experience could only count on the polar seas, harsh Kamchatka, the Far East, cold canvas tents; evil mosquitoes, by the way, who do not make out who is a deserved diver, and who just like that; Continue reading

Base jumping. The most dangerous kind of extreme.

Why base jumping is considered the most dangerous kind of extreme
Base jumping is rightly considered a more dangerous form of hobby than its ancestor – parachuting. The difference lies in the fact that in parachuting, jumps take place from significantly higher altitudes, to which athletes are delivered using aircraft (airplanes, helicopters, balloons, etc.). At the same time, the recommended distance to the ground, at which it is necessary to open the parachute, is about 500-600 meters. In this case, in case of failure of the main parachute, the person has 10-11 seconds to free from the idle and the deployment of a reserve parachute. Base jumpers jump from a much lower height and the entire flight usually takes less than 6 seconds. Spare parachute just becomes useless. The problem is that due to the lower falling speed, the required exhaust force of the exhaust parachute to open the main dome is simply not enough. Therefore, traditional parachutes are not suitable for base jumping. For this extreme hobby, special satchels and parachutes equipped with large exhaust domes are being developed. Continue reading

Australian Rodeo

Rodeo is one of the few applied sports. In it, real men demonstrate the skills that a cowboy needs in everyday work. The only exception is riding a bull.
While traveling through the Australian outback – the outback – we were endlessly bothered by minor troubles: either the radiator was boiling, or the wheels were breaking. However, the wheels in this area are the same consumables as water, and several reserves are a necessary attribute of any trip. The prospect of staying with punctured wheels in a deserted desert at a temperature of + 50 ° C is not a pleasant one: in huge spaces only occasionally there are single farms. We stopped by one – ask about the wheels (we already used our spare wheel), spend the night and get water. John, the owner of the farm, turned out to be the cutest person. He allowed him to rummage in his barn in search of wheels of the Continue reading

Alain Rober – REAL EXTREME!

In a long list of phobias, many of which nature has generously endowed with man, there is one called fear of heights. People subject to this scourge often use the expression “breathtaking”, even if they are separated from a hard surface by some ridiculous two meters. But nevertheless, one should pay tribute to justice – anyone will feel, to put it mildly, not comfortable when there is an abyss several hundred meters deep underfoot.

Anyone, but not Alain Robert, since this extreme is the steeper the height, the better and, therefore, there is work to do. They admire him, make fun of him, they simply do not understand him, but everyone, as one, agrees that Robert is an extraordinary personality, an athlete without fear and reproach, a player with Destiny and Fortune. Continue reading

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