Vertical dancing
Today in France there are more than a dozen of them - single climbers, whose ascents are akin to solo performances of dancers. And there is nothing surprising in the…

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1. Volcano landing - extreme descent along the slope of the volcano. Tourists visiting Nicaragua may be offered an extreme descent along the slope of the Black Mountain volcano, which…

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Vertical dancing
Today in France there are more than a dozen of them - single climbers, whose ascents are akin to solo performances of dancers. And there is nothing surprising in the…

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This person is still considered one of, and maybe the coolest climber. The most interesting thing is that he is not a professional athlete, but he does it more for pleasure. Passed many of the most difficult paths on the rocks, and also opened new ones.

short biography

This talent was born in California, in a city called Santa Cruz. This happened in 1981 on April 23rd. In his hometown was a climbing wall, a kind of simulator for climbers, which he began to walk at the age of 12. He immediately began to experience success in this sport, and by the age of 14 he had overtaken both peers and older children in his skills. This was immediately reflected in his first victory in the bouldering tournament. At that time, Chris was still 14 years old. After only a year, he managed to overcome the most difficult route in the USA (8c +), called Necessary Evil.

For many years he was not at home for a long time, his room in California was visited for a maximum of 1 week in several months. What can I say, if at the age of 16, instead of studying at school, he and his friend hitchhiked all over France in search of the best rocks. In such a nomadic style was his whole life. He did not care about either the overnight stay or what would be on his desk. He did not complain about this, but rather, such a life brought a lot of emotions. But by the age of 30, Chris settled down a bit and stopped in Catalonia with his girlfriend and dog, and from there he continues to conduct his studies.

Chris Sharma is considered a very calm and kind person. He has a very spiritual inner world. He is much inclined towards Buddhism. Being in Asia, visited many temples, communicated with monks. And in life he spends a lot of time in meditation.

Also, other people are not indifferent to him. For example, in 2013, he opened his own climbing gym in Santa Ana and named it Sender One. This is a large room with an imitation of rocks of varying complexity, helping to perfectly prepare people for a real climb. Sometimes Chris is personally present there and gives some advice.

Conquered Routes

He conquered routes of varying difficulty, and on his account there are many. It would take a lot of time to list everything. Therefore, his most high-profile achievements will be taken into account.

After a French trip at age 16, Chris had a period when he suffered a knee injury in competitions. He had to recover long enough, more than six months, but this injury did not stop him at all, but even more pushed him to the accomplishment of the impossible. After that, in 2001 he returned to the French Alps to conquer his first route with difficulty 9a +. It was the Biographie route, which he (for unknown reasons) renamed for himself in Realizatio. This route complexity was overcome for the first time.

Then he became interested in a new climbing area called Deep Water Solo. This is when a person climbs a slope without insurance, and under it is water. To do this, in 2004 he went to the Spanish island of Mallorca. Subsequently, on this island, he followed the Es Pontàs route, and did it for the first time. The path was very difficult, it was necessary not only to climb, but also to jump from a ledge to a ledge. To do this, he took about 100 attempts. In unsuccessful attempts, he fell into the water, and drying up on the shore he was thinking about how to conquer this place all the same. The complexity of this route is 9a +, and the only one who repeated this was a Slovenian climber, already in 2016 for 39 attempts.

His next achievement was the Jumbo Love route to Clark Mountain. It happened in 2008. This route is considered to be 9b, and is considered the first in difficulty that was able to pass. Almost the entire climb is inclined at 45˚. In addition, this rock is located in the desert, which is difficult to reach, plus incredible heat. Also, to go this route, you first need to get on routes less difficult, but which all the same take away forces.

Chris is the first winner in the updated Psicobloc Masters Series climbing competitions. Surprisingly, he never prepared for the competition and never trained. He himself answers to this, that he is just a climber, and he does not need training. In 2011, another route in Spain was submitted, it was First Round First Minute. It was then repeated by the Czech in 2014, and confirmed that this route was at least 9b in complexity.

Chris would not be himself if he had not passed La Dura Dura, which is 9b + in complexity. He was the first to do this. Then, in the same year, he and his friend continued their attempts to complete the Dawn Wall multipitch, which is also considered one of the most difficult.

In 2014, he climbed the walls of the Majlis El-Jin Cave, which is located in Omaha. The difficulty was that its height was more than 160 meters and it was very cold in it.

Other achievements

During his life, he was awarded many awards, for his achievements in climbing, and for his contribution to this type of activity. Also, due to his merits, he was invited to shoot a remake

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