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In a long list of phobias, many of which nature has generously endowed with man, there is one called fear of heights. People subject to this scourge often use the…

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1999 year. Competitions of the most desperate people on the planet in everything that, one way or another, can be called extreme sports. On the ground, in the air, on…

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In 2018, the American athlete Travis Rice celebrated his 36th birthday. Dry statistics, dry numbers. There are many talented people in the world who have shown themselves to be profitable…

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The path to success from the very beginning was full of difficulties and setbacks, rather it resembled an “obstacle course”, but this did not stop Denis, who continued on his way to the dream, despite all the obstacles.

The beginning of the way.

Denis Leontyev was born in St. Petersburg near the metro station Prospekt Prosvescheniya, at that moment it was the outskirts of the city, he was raised by his mother, who tried to give her son the best. Since childhood, friends called the guy Bonus, a nickname attached to him after winning the machines.

From the age of six, the boy was engaged in various sports, was a candidate for master in diving, was engaged in swimming and acrobatics. But the dislike of the regime of the day and the constant obedience to the rules and the coach disappointed the young talent, and he lost interest in professional sports.

The guy found out about the snowboard from the TV show, without missing a single issue, he literally caught fire with this sport and entertainment, his mother did not remain indifferent and bought the guy his first snowboard, for which she had to take a loan.

The first skating in 2007 ended sadly, when Denis returned home, he was beaten and robbed (they took away the snowboard), after the first experience in snowboarding, he spent some time in the hospital.

Having checked out, a young man who has been deprived of a board worked for some time in the O`Kay hypermarket, collecting bicycles, he earned money for a new snowboard. The guy did not manage to start riding, his appendicitis burst, Denis again went to the hospital. Leontiev finally recovered only in April 2007, in one of the sports shops the young man learned that there was a snowboard camp in Dombay, where he went to practice skiing.

Next year, the guy was already confident enough to ride. To ride with friends, Denis came to Korobitsino, in Okhta Park. In the same place, novice snowboarders built a luminous park. This place has become famous throughout the country. In the summer, buying snow from the rink, snowboarders continued to build a hill and ride despite the weather.

Sports career.

Despite the great success in the development of jibber, Denis won 4 prizes in his life. In 2011, 1st place was won in Stockholm in the Frontline Rail Jam program. Professional athletes participated in this competition, the victory of the novice snowboarder was significant and made a splash throughout the country. After the first victory, the career of 19-year-old Denis went uphill.

In 2013, he won two prizes, 2nd in California in the Volcom PBRJ Tour program and 2nd in London in the Hail the Rail program.

2018 brought 1st place in Russia for participating in the Vans City Jam program.

Prizes do not end there, Denis himself speaks about this. He lives participating in various competitions and programs, and also has several own brands of sports equipment.

In 2012, Denis was offered to join the Russian team to participate in sports competitions in snowboarding, as well as prepare for the upcoming Olympics in Sochi.

But Leontiev refused to participate in the team, as well as from preparations for the Olympics in Sochi. He justifies this by the fact that he cannot engage in force, therefore, refuses to work with a trainer.

The athlete himself explains this by the reluctance to obey the rules and regime of the day, personal freedom and independence are more important to him, rather than recognition of him as the champion of the Olympic Games. But this situation does not prevent him from being a coach and instructor in this sport. At the same time, the athlete declares that coaching is the transfer of experience to the younger generation, rather than working for the result. Because Denis is happy to share his experience in various camps around the world.

Snowboard and more

When the season ends, or Denis just needs an unloading, he goes to Bali, where he willingly replaces the snowboard with a surfboard. But at the same time, love for the boards remains despite the change of climate and activity, Leontiev is always on the board.

Constantly surrounded by fans, other athletes and friends, Denis feels comfortable and admits to reporters that most of all he is afraid to be alone.

Usually he is laconic. Prefers to listen carefully to the interlocutor. A few specific questions during the conversation and a short monologue - this is the usual style of conversation…


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