Maxim Kruglov is one of the best Russian skateboarders. On his account not only the countless number of competitions won in his native country. The athlete is also actively engaged…

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Maxim Kruglov is one of the best Russian skateboarders. On his account not only the countless number of competitions won in his native country. The athlete is also actively engaged in his activities at the international level.


Maxim is easily called a man who has risen from the bottom. Since he was born in a small and quiet town called Chudovo. The population is small, only 14 520, and the whole area developed at a fairly slow pace. But still, the extreme loves his hometown and is an avid patriot.

Since childhood, the boy was interested in sports, only from the beginning it was football. But according to current celebrity words, such a hobby was too burdensome because of the need to work in a team under the guidance of a coach.

It’s hard to believe, but the ordinary Chinese and cheap board with plastic wheels has fundamentally changed the life of a skateboarder. Apparently then Maxim fell in love with this sport. At that time, he had only a street and video tapes at his disposal. Obviously, it was difficult to learn, but the young man did not give up, because he received real pleasure from skating. Even now, an athlete considers a skateboard his favorite hobby, but not an ordinary job.

A family

Parents of Maxim Kruglov currently live in his hometown, he tries to visit them often. At least twice a month a man goes to where he grew up, from Moscow or St. Petersburg there are always tickets to this unpretentious town.

The skateboarder also has a beautiful wife, and whose daughter is one and a half years. The wife loves the man very much and supports him in new endeavors. According to Maxim, after marriage, he works harder and more, because there is someone to try for.

At the risk of his life, the athlete is sure that he will not allow his daughter to do the same, regardless of her choice.

Career and Achievements

From the age of fifteen, Maxim is seriously involved in this sport. He regrets only that he did not start earlier. After all, once he was only a boy who knows how to dream and set goals. First, these skating took place in ordinary parks with a group of older children, and then a manager appeared and his career went uphill.

It is noteworthy: for the sake of sports, Maxim left the institute, although he tried to catch it everywhere. Apparently, when a person is busy fulfilling a dream, there is no time left for other matters.

Young talent quickly conquered the capital’s skateparks. According to the star, there were friends with him who supported and shared his passion. Competition for the competition was won by Maxim. But his goal was to conquer the whole world. In Europe, it is already quite popular, and in Japan recently won a competition with a prize of two million dollars.

Prospects and plans for the future

Maxim really has enough prospects. He loves skateboarding with all his heart, and also masters a surfboard and a snowboard. There were even rumors that the extreme wants to change activities, but the athlete denied such allegations.

In the coming years, the celebrity wants to become the best in Europe.

Another man plans to show himself in the United States. Since his manager is there, it will not be very difficult.

Yes, and there is no language barrier. Maxim loves to travel and broaden his horizons, and in foreign countries even languages ​​are easier to learn.

In fact, the athlete speaks excellent English. It all started from school, the teacher was able to give him basic knowledge. And then films with subtitles and furnishings did their job.

Maxim Kruglov advises novice skateboarders to engage in special sports parks, which are now many. In the future, he himself plans to open a similar one.

It is unlikely that anyone will be able to argue that a guy who, by his origin, should have been engaged in everything, but not skateboarding, thanks to his determination and self-confidence, he managed not only to learn how to ride a board, but also to become one of the best. And most importantly, he set an example for hundreds and thousands of other teenagers across the country who are only dreaming of such a career that it is possible that this goal is worth living.

If you want something for real, it will certainly work out. Go to your goal. Be sure, but soberly assess your capabilities. Skateboarding is a dangerous activity, be healthy. The most important thing is that the lesson is fun, not stress or nerves.

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