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According to statistics, about 72% of athletes involved in base jumping (jumping from fixed objects) die. But this did not stop Uli Emanuele from becoming the “god” of wingsuit flights…

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According to statistics, about 72% of athletes involved in base jumping (jumping from fixed objects) die. But this did not stop Uli Emanuele from becoming the “god” of wingsuit flights (flying in a suit resembling a flying squirrel). He made history by flying at a speed of 170 km / h through a small burning ring and a 2-meter gap in the rock.

Growing up period

The future athlete was born on October 23, 1985 in the Italian city of Bolzano, but lived in Pineto. There is no information about his family and his youth. It is only known that he was not the only extreme in the family, since Uli’s father loved to parachute.

Emanuele was not like most of his peers. It was not so important for him to earn a lot of money, to buy a house or a car, how to fill his life with interesting events. Therefore, he always gave priority to his favorite activities, and not financial gain. He adhered to this philosophy all his life.

Sports way

The young man followed in the footsteps of his father and at the age of 16 began to practice parachuting. Relatives called him reckless, and fellow athletes admired his courage. After reaching the mark of 700 jumps, the young Uli switched from a parachute to a wingsuit.

At first he took part in base jumping championships, where in 2010 he won. And later he began to collaborate with GoPro and shoot videos with unique tricks on their YouTube channel.

Achievements and records

Throughout his life, the famous athlete has made more than 2 thousand jumps. But the most famous of them:

The famous flight through a 2-meter crevice

More than 11 million views were gained by a video where Uli Emanuele in wingsuit at a speed of 170 km / h jumped over a 2-meter crevice in the rock. This happened in September 2014 in the Swiss Alps. The most interesting thing is that he performed this trick three times. The athlete planned to shoot from three angles, and there was only one camera. Deviation to the side by a few centimeters could cost him his life – this is a risk! For all the time, no one dared to repeat this trick.

Flying through a burning ring

The event took place in May 2016 near Salerno (a village in Italy). To install the gas design in the form of a ring, Uli had to use a team of professionals. On the appointed day, the structure was lit and Emanuele successfully flew through the burning ring. However, the most interesting thing was different: in flight, he managed to see the ring only from a distance of about 100 meters. That is, he had a few seconds to calculate the trajectory along which he will hit the target. Risky, isn’t it?

Shortly before his death, Uli was preparing for a new trick, but what it consisted of, we, unfortunately, will not know.

Last jump

The last 4 years of his life, our hero worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant in the Swiss Valley of Lauterbrunnen. This place is considered ideal for base jumping. He did not really like the work, but he did it so that he could train every day. The restaurant was on top, and the house was down in the valley. Therefore, after work, Uli could calmly put on his equipment and fly home.

On a tragic day, August 18, 2016, the athlete jumped near the famous place where two years ago he made a flight through a gap in the rock. He was a cameraman and filmed the jump of Roberta Mancino (athletes and models) for GoPro. The first jump went to the girl, and the second (after her) – Uli. During the flight, the guy suddenly deviated to the right and began to spin in the air until he collided with a rock. The result is death.

The life of this daredevil is a story about a passionate attitude to his work, balanced risk and thirst for flight. Although he died too early, in his 29 years he has done what no one has the courage to do so far. Did he become a legend? Definitely!

Uli Emanuele died in the Lauterbrunnen Valley in the canton of Bern, one of the most popular places for base jumping (jumping from a fixed object with a special parachute or in wingsuit). According to the British tabloid Daily Mail, the tourist bureau of the local village of Murren calls the valley “an ideal base” for jumping, where more than 20 thousand jumps are made annually. In a last year’s article on Emanuel, Vice called the valley “the mecca of base jumpers.” The athlete himself lived there for several years, washing dishes in a restaurant and devoting all his free time to training. According to unofficial data, more than 40 base jumpers died in the Lauterbrunnen Valley (the total number of deaths is estimated at about 300 people).

Uli Emanuele. R.I.P.

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