Alain Rober - REAL EXTREME!
In a long list of phobias, many of which nature has generously endowed with man, there is one called fear of heights. People subject to this scourge often use the…

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The career of this athlete did not immediately start with a snowboard: she was preceded by choreography and skiing. Parents have never been opposed to their daughter playing sports. No…

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Vertical dancing
Today in France there are more than a dozen of them - single climbers, whose ascents are akin to solo performances of dancers. And there is nothing surprising in the…

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several climbers

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There are individuals in the world of sports, cinema or music who are admired for their actions. Such can safely be attributed to the red-haired guy – Sean Roger White. He is rightfully the best snowboarder in the world and the Olympic champion. For the appearance and style of riding a guy began to be called – Flying Tomato.


Sean was born into a family of a waitress and a plumber in September 1986 in California (USA). The family constantly moved from one place to another and lived in a van. The only entertainment they could afford was skiing on the slopes of the mountains. The guy’s parents fanatically loved snowboarding, although at that time this sport did not bring any income. They allowed the boy not to go to school and train hard, believing that with the help of the board their son would get rich. Continue reading


Extreme sports enthusiasts around the world are trying to imitate their heroes. One of them, for several years, is an amazing professional, desperate and creative athlete, constantly in search of new records and endless adrenaline, – Myles Deysher.


Miles Dayisher is from America. He is a professional skydiver, as well as a specialist in base jumping. World fame came to Miles after he managed to come up with a new sport – sky-skiing, where the athlete parachutes in a kayak. Craving for new achievements and records overtook Deisher at the age of 25, when work began to gradually turn into a hobby. Continue reading


Danny Way – Crazy Extreme

short biography

Born April 15, 1974, Portland, Oregon.

Danny Way’s father passed away when he was only eight months old. His mother is a drug addict, remarried. The stepfather instilled in his adoptive son a love and desire to ride a skateboard. At the age of six, Danny rode regularly at a local skate park, and won his first competition at age 11. Already in his young years, he played for various teams such as Bones Brigade, H-Street, Blind and Plan B. By the nature of the daredevil, he was a thrill-seeker and was traumatized for many years. From 1999 to 2002, he underwent seven operations – five on his knee and two on his shoulder. Even when trying to try his hand at surfing, as a result of an accident, he broke his neck, and it took him more than a year to recover. Continue reading

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Alexey Alexandrovich Sobolev is an athlete of international level. He was repeatedly recognized as the champion of Russia. He took part in the Olympic Games, and also opened a snowboard…


In 2018, the American athlete Travis Rice celebrated his 36th birthday. Dry statistics, dry numbers. There are many talented people in the world who have shown themselves to be profitable…


Freestyler Jean-Philippe Oakler was born in Saint-Foix, Quebec on August 22, 1977. He was known by the nickname J.P. At a young age he showed talent in the traditional disciplines…


Dean Potter is an incredible person. A solo climber, a climber, a climber, a base jumper, a highliner, as well as a baseball player. This person is known to everyone…